Pre-sale of Coin Gold (BHJ) – 400,000 units/order


Countdown to the discounted price of pre-sale activities
19 hours 43 minutes 17 seconds

Payment instructions: Support BNB, BTC, DOGE, ETH (not support fiat currency settlement)

Pre-sale time: October 1st-December 30th, 2021
Time of first listing on the exchange: January 1, 2022
Important note: The pre-sale activity may end early due to the sale of Xin, please participate in time, if you have missed DOGE, SHIB, please do not miss BHJ, because not every coin can become a million times coin .

Read: Ten Thousand Times CoinBHJ Project White Paper

Difference from other Token (token) projects

Through the "media + finance + game" three major physical projects to do integrated operation support applications, the introduction of Soros's classic investment philosophy "majority determinism" social experimental mechanism algorithm, has the potential of ten thousand times currency growth.

Entity Project One (media):, a news platform that provides the world’s latest cryptocurrency, NFT, DeFi and other blockchain news reading and digital media content creation and output applications.

Entity Project Two (finance): The OTC cryptocurrency trading market (, which provides peer-to-peer over-the-counter exchange services for the purchase of cryptocurrencies in fiat currencies of various countries around the world. Those cryptocurrency investment users who are banned due to national policies will get new transactions in the OTC (over-the-counter) market Chance.

Entity Project Three (game): BHJ GAME, a multiplayer strategy toss game similar to Monopoly, a simple and fun popular entertainment game for the whole people.

Basic rules of BHJ GAME:

5人以上房間可開始遊戲,進入房間需要一定的幣黃金(BHJ)做為門票,遊戲中玩家使用投擲骰子點數進行競技前進,每一局最先到達終點遊戲贏家將拿走房間內其他玩家所有支付門票幣黃金(BHJ)。遊戲中可根據房間規則使用道具,道具可以通過玩家自主養成與遊戲獎勵或購買獲得,玩家之間可以相互交易買賣道具。BHJ GAME 遊戲中獲得幣黃金(BHJ)可通過OTC.LTD加密貨幣交易平臺或其他中心化交易所換成各國家法定貨幣,BHJ GAME 遊戲簡單、好玩,易於上手,職業玩家可從遊戲中獲得大量幣黃金(BHJ)產出收入。

BHJ (coin gold) token information

Contract address

Contract linkView

Blockchain network: BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain BSC)
Token name: Bi Huang Jin
Token symbol: BHJ
Number of decimal places: 18
Chinese name: Coin Gold
Other name: ten thousand times currency
English name: Coin Gold
Number of issuance: 10 billion (no additional issuance forever)
Token distribution: team 30% (3 billion); pre-sale volume 20% (2 billion); liquidity pool locked 50% (5 billion)
Initial pre-sale price of tokens: $0.0007733/unit
Final target price in circulation: $7.73/unit
Social experiment consensus integrity mechanism implementation time: 3 years
Expected market price increase in 3-5 years: 10,000X (10,000 times)

Description of pre-sale order rules:

① Total pre-sale: 2 billion (20% of total tokens)
② Number of pre-sale orders: 5000 orders
③ Purchase restriction rules: each account is restricted to 1 purchase (the quantity is not limited, the "shopping cart" can adjust the order quantity)
④ Quantity description: 300 USD per order = 400,000 BHJ (coin gold) (including the gift of 9.32 USD)
⑤ Token collection: BHJ (coin gold) will be sent to the user's BEP-20 wallet within 24 hours after payment or issued to the user's "Token account" by default
⑥ Trading rules: After the pre-sale transaction order is paid, it does not support operations such as return, exchange, and modification of the transaction quantity. After placing the order, please30 minutesIf the payment operation is completed within the timeout period, the order will be deleted, and the user account that has submitted an invalid order twice will be disabled, and participation in the pre-sale activity is prohibited.
⑦ Advisory support: all questions please pass "online service"Contact us

Introduction to BHJ (coin gold)

"BHJ", Derived from the Chinese "Bi Huang Jin" pinyin abbreviation, the English name "Coin Gold", also known as "10,000 times currency", is officially issued by Singapore's open blockchain news media platform "". It is A consensus universal Token driven by the integration of "media + finance + games", this project was initiated by the creator of the Dogecoin Association (CHINA).

BHJ (coin gold) application scenarios

  1. Apply to OTC cryptocurrency over-the-counter trading platform service fee payment, legal currency cash substitution and currency conversion.
  2. Used in BHJ games to participate in entertainment, purchase game props and game revenue.
  3. It is applied to membership subscriptions for paid media content on the media news platform (, and payment for high-quality content reading.
  4. It is used for purchase and payment when merchants on the media news platform ( provide news promotion services.
  5. It is applied to the verification of the open account of the news platform, and the holder's wallet address will be verified to obtain the use of the open account.
  6. Apply to the media news platform ( to open news content creation rewards and user sponsorship rewards.
  7. It is applied to the media news platform ( to develop and govern the certification of voting stock rights and obtain the qualifications.
  8. It is applied to the transaction fee offset of various products and services such as BHJ (coin gold) blockchain wallet transfer, mining, NFT, DeFi, etc.
  9. It is applied to the collection and payment of global public merchants who agree with the rules of the BHJ (coin gold) consensus mechanism, such as websites, restaurants, hotels, tourism, art, shopping and so on.

Introduction of founding team members

DonnSen (Singapore)-professional VC, project investor, partner of Rock Fund (Singapore), successfully invested and financed more than 16 projects, including 5 listed companies.

Marvin (Singapore)-One of the founders of the Dogecoin Association (CHINA), a supporter of Dogecoin, has planned to promote the increase of about 30% of DOGE holders in China, and the well-known Internet company formerly Yahoo search Engineer of Engine Chinese Department, with 20 years of experience in Internet product development and operation.

To learn more about BHJ (coin gold), please read:"Coin Gold Project White Paper"