Coin media news promotion service


Price description: 800 USD per press release
優惠說明:使用BHJ (coin gold)Pay to enjoy50% offSpecial offer

Payment currency:supportBNB、BTC、DOGE、ETH、BHJ (Does not support fiat currency settlement, useBHJ (coin gold)Enjoy a 50% discount on payment).

payment method:Online payments

News release time: Today

News release platform:

Main news distribution channel: GOOGLE News, other search engine news, Bimedia official Twitter, Bimedia news APP

Press release to show coverage area: Global Internet

News release language: Unlimited

Press release presentation time: In principle, the original URL will be permanently displayed on the Coin Media news website (including the APP version), and the minimum display will be maintained for one year (calculated from the date of launch).

Press release content specification: However, there are various content that needs to be exposed by the media about project parties, products, services, etc. The news and publicity content is provided by itself, and within 10,000 words, it can include pictures, videos, URL links, contact information, etc., specific to the media before the launch (Coin Media) The editor’s agreement shall prevail, but shall not contain content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others.

Scope of the press release: Various types of blockchain products or services, such as: cryptocurrency, NFT transactions, DeFi finance, etc.

Press release content offline: 1. After the launch is online, the customer can apply for offline deletion processing; 2. If the news content posted by the customer contains content that infringes the intellectual property rights of others, and the complaint is verified as true, it will be forced offline and temporarily stored by Bimedia, and Bimedia will notify the user Modifying the infringing content will be able to go online again.

Service purchase instructions

1. Once the currency media news promotion service has been placed and paid, no refunds will be processed in any form.

2. Once the purchase and payment of the news promotion service of Bimedia is completed, it means that Bimedia agrees to the service agreed by Bimedia, and agrees to and abides by Bimedia’s "User Service Agreement" and "User Service Privacy Agreement".