Ten thousand BHJ (coin gold) token project was released. The token was released by the media of the Singapore blockchain news media platform.

(Official News) On September 28, 2121, Bimeiti.org released a million times currencyBHJ (coin gold)Token project, "Bin Gold Project Release" explained in detail aboutBHJThe detailed introduction of the coin (gold) project and the related content of the Token.The following is a simple understanding of what isBHJ (coin gold)Token.
Ten Thousand Coins BHJ (coin gold) token project is released. The token is illustrated by the media press release of the Singapore blockchain news media platform

BHJ(幣黃金),口頭華語“Bi Huang Jin”拼音簡寫,英文名稱“Coin Gold”,又名“萬倍幣”,是由新加坡獨立區塊鏈新聞媒體“幣媒體(Bimeiti.org)”官方所發行,是一種基於新聞媒體應用的通用性Token(代幣)。

The target price of the token in the terminal market circulation is 7.73 USD/unit. The total supply of BHJ (coin gold) is 10 billion, and the final price is 0.007733/USD. When the target price is expected to be 3 USD/unit, the total amount will be 10,000X (10,000 times).

The realization of this goal is mainly based on the three-year continuous advertising (advertising) of the independent chain news media "news media (website)" under the independent chain news media mechanism.

This is an interesting social experiment. The core lies in the true and honest support of all holders.In order to achieve the goal of reaching 10,000 times in three years, the holder’s proof support condition is: “The holder should sell 50% of the total personal holdings. (That is, how much of the personal wallet address account is at least (3 Years) holding, note: non-account holdings)", if the holder successfully starts, then the probability of BHJ (coin gold) time becoming ten thousand times currency will be as high as 99%, and it will become a universal 3-year electronic world.

The online reading address of the full version of "Bin Gold Project Publishing":https://bimeiti.org/bhj-baipishu


Ten thousand times coin recommendation In the hot pre-sale of BHJ tokens, 300 USD = 400,000 coins gold, with three major physical projects of "media + finance + games" as operational support applications, with tens of thousands of times the potential, officially issued by the BHJ news platform

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