Shiba Inu (SHIB) is preparing to launch its first multi-platform game, Shiba Inu Games

Shiba Inu Recently launched Shiba Inu Games,這是該項目的最新分支,旨在推動遊戲行業的採用。Shiba Inu 一直在擴大其在各個行業的影響力,而遊戲是該名單上的最新成員。它宣布它計劃發布一個多平台遊戲,持有者可以互相玩。

In order to achieve this goal, the project has been looking for AAA game studios that can help realize this vision.The search process was difficult and full of disappointments, but Memecoin found the perfect partner in PlaySide Studios.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is preparing to launch its first multi-platform game Shiba Inu Games illustration

Shiba Inu has previously revealed that it plans to build a 7-figure game, and Shiba Inu Games has been established as the arm that bears the flag in this task.In an announcement posted to Twitter, the team confirmed that it has cooperated with Australian game studio PlaySide. Shiba Inu stated that it signed an eight-month milestone agreement with developers to create its games.

PlaySide Studios is Australia’s largest listed game developer and has worked with some heavyweights in the entertainment field, including Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon International Children’s Channel.This cooperation will launch the first Shiba Inu game.

Both parties are satisfied with the agreement because it will allow each project to span a new industry. Gerry Sakkas, CEO of PlaySide, said: “PlaySide continues to demonstrate its ability to collaborate with leaders in various fields of interactive entertainment, including leading influencers and global gaming brands.” “Add a new platform from popular NFTs, tokens and decentralization The emergence of new game clients in the cryptocurrency industry is very exciting for us."

PlaySide Studios has launched games on multiple platforms and will help deploy games on multiple platforms.This will include mobile devices, desktop devices, and even Metaverse.

Shiba Inu revealed in November that core developers are already developing "OshiVerse" and have been discussing the best way to publish it on Shibarium.Nevertheless, the metaverse project is still in progress and will enter the community.

The art of the popular "Shiboshi" NFT will be incorporated into the game, and Shiba Inu will release feature card collections, strategies and combat mechanisms.The game is scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

PlaySide regards this partnership with Shiba Inu Games as a way to show what they can do, and said;

"Emerging technologies continue to accelerate. This is an ideal opportunity for PlaySide to cooperate in this field, expand our skill base and demonstrate our development capabilities. The size of the agreement with Shiba Inu Games is also important, as we continue to grow our business. It highlights the depth of our capabilities."

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