The Kleiman v. Wright case will be conducted in Miami. Who will eventually own the 1.1 million Bitcoins of Satoshi Nakamoto?

On Monday, the civil trial between Ira Kleiman and Craig Wright began in Miami, which may be the answerBitcoinOne of the biggest mysteries:Satoshi Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto) 是誰,以及他擁有的 110 萬枚比特幣發生了什麼變化?

Wright is an Australian computer scientist and early cryptocurrency pioneer, and has claimed to be the anonymous creator of Bitcoin since 2016.This lawsuit assumes that Wright did not act alone.According to Ira Kleiman, his late brother David-a computer expert and Wright's old friend-was the co-creator of Bitcoin and has the right to share in the current $66 billion Bitcoin treasury.

The Kleiman v. Wright case will be conducted in Miami. Who will eventually own the 1.1 million Bitcoins of Satoshi Nakamoto?illustration

The lawsuit alleges that David Kleiman and Wright formed a partnership and established an entity called W&K Info Defense Research, LLC, which they used to mine Bitcoin and organize their intellectual property, including the Bitcoin source code.

Ira Kleiman believes that his brother is solely responsible for mining Satoshi's bitcoin treasury and accused Wright of defrauding these bitcoins from David's estate through forgery and deception after his death.

賴特否認了這些指控,並表示,雖然大衛克萊曼是朋友和紅顏知己,但兩人從來都不是合作夥伴,只有他是Satoshi Nakamoto

The 10 jurors selected on Monday will have three weeks to hear the evidence and decide the fate of Satoshi Nakamoto.

In Monday’s opening statement, Kleiman Estate lawyer Kyle Roche set a timetable for the jury to prove Wright’s conflicting statements about the nature of his relationship with David Kleiman.

According to an email shown to the court on Monday, Wright repeatedly referred to David Kleiman as his "partner" and "business partner" until the latter's death in April 2013.

Rosche told the jury that after David Kleiman's death, Wright's story began to change: he continued to call David his partner, but began to distance himself from himself, and claimed that David had transferred their shared intellectual property to Wright's property.

According to Rosche, Wright’s relationship with Kleiman’s surviving family members began to deteriorate at some point in 2015, when Ira was informed by the Australian tax authorities that he fraudulently claimed to have paid approximately $40 million to David Kleiman for the purchase of They share materials from the company W&K Info Defense Research, a limited liability company.

Rosche told the jury that after 2018, when Ira Kleiman filed a lawsuit against him, Craig Wright began to deny that he and David Kleiman had ever had a cooperative relationship-or that he had had a partner in addition to his wife Ramona Watts.

In the testimony video dated April 4, 2019, Wright said: "He was never my partner.... I hate the whole concept of partnership."

Wright’s defense seems to depend mainly on two factors: his diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, and the lack of a written agreement between him and David Kleiman.

In her opening statement, Wright’s lawyer, Amanda McGovern, claimed that Wright’s autism made it difficult for him to communicate with him and was too direct and aggressive. McGovern did not refute the authenticity of the plaintiff's timetable, but tried to persuade the jury that Wright and Ira Kleiman just had a different understanding of the word "partner".

McGovern described the social difficulties of Wright's life, claiming that he came from "a very difficult family", "had few friends in childhood", and "he was considered strange...even by his sister."

"At the age of 13, he wore a ninja costume to the playground, and all the other kids called him a freak," McGovern said.

For Wright, mathematics and cryptography became a refuge from bullying at home and school.

However, according to Rosche, Wright's diagnosis of autism is recent: he was diagnosed by Dr. Ami Klin, director of the Marcus Autism Center and defense expert witness, sometime after 2018. Rosche told the jury that Klin diagnosed Wright over the phone, and Klin had never seen Wright personally at the time of the diagnosis.

Will the real Satoshi Nakamoto stand up?
雖然原告和辯方都認為 Craig Wright – 無論是單獨還是與 David Kleiman 一起 – 發明了比特幣,但現實更加模糊。

Despite Wright's claims (and his history of lawsuits against critics), he still cannot clearly prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

After announcing in May 2016 that he would transfer Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoins—proving that he could access Satoshi Nakamoto’s private key, so it was Satoshi Nakamoto—Wright did not do so, he wrote: “I have no courage . I can’t," in the now-deleted blog post.

On the contrary, the password proof he provided was accused of fraud by several well-known cryptographic experts.

On the first day of the trial, past allegations of document forgery and other fraud appeared repeatedly because the plaintiff’s lawyer showed the jury Wright’s forged email, which added and deleted the sentence of David Kleiman, and changed it. Date and so on.

If the jury ruled that the plaintiff prevailed and Ira Kleiman was awarded his brother's Satoshi Bitcoin share, the question remains whether the court has a way to retrieve them.

Satoshi NakamotoThe unsolved mystery of Wright and Wright’s seeming inability to retrieve the coins in his wallet mean that it may be impossible to retrieve these coins.If Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto — or if he is and somehow loses access to the wallet — it is unclear how Ira Kleiman will acquire half of Satoshi Nakamoto's collection.

In addition, some people in the crypto community questioned whether the 1.1 million bitcoins at the core of the case existed.In a blog post in 2018, a Tokyo-based software developer and self-proclaimed "Bitcoin archaeologist" Kim Nilsson tracked wallet addresses allegedly held by Wright and compared many of them with the 2014 Mt Gox hacker The incident is linked.

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