Prometheus International, a Portuguese high-end real estate developer, sold a valued mansion for US$4.7 million, using Cardano (ADA) to pay for the transaction

High-end real estate developerPrometheus InternationalAt a price of 4.1 million euros (4.7 million US dollars)CardanoSold two luxury homes on Madeira Island.

Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal, consisting of four islands about 430 miles from the northwest coast of Africa.It is known for its mild climate and peculiar vegetation, making it a tourist hotspot for tourists keen on beaches and natural scenery.

Priyesh Patel, CEO of Prometheus, stated that the company decided to accept cryptocurrency in order to attract a wider audience.

Prometheus International, a high-end Portuguese real estate developer, sold a valued mansion for US$4.7 million, using Cardano (ADA) to pay for the transaction illustration

"We position ourselves as attractive to all markets, and the current revolution is cryptocurrency."

As cryptocurrencies gain more and more recognition, the use of digital assets to buy houses has become more and more common.This is good news for early investors, who will benefit from it as the impact of wider adoption begins.


"The most expensive luxury real estate acquisition in Portugal since the blockchain revolution."

Sapo revealed that an anonymous buyer bought it for $0.06 THERE IS.This may be around September 2018, but since the price has fallen to this level, there will be other times.

During the entire bear market, he sold at a price of $3 in August this year, achieving a 4,900% increase in investment.

Patel said that as an early investor; the buyer is the key to shaping the Cardano landscape.Patel also hinted that when THERE IS When it reaches $5, the buyer is still holding a big package and wants to buy more properties.

"His investment has grown exponentially because he was the first to use it before Cardano became popular. He still believes that he will reach $5 next year, and in this case, he will invest more in Portugal."

Real estate is a relatively undeveloped crypto market
Adam Redolfi, managing partner of real estate company Barnes International, said he is now seeing more and more property owners accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method.

More importantly, in the future, Redolfi predicts that there will be greater integration between cryptocurrency and real estate, and not just payments.

"I predict that blockchain-integrated real estate will be implemented on a whole new level, going beyond digital currency payments."

Specifically, he mentioned the role of simplifying data transmission and reducing inefficiencies at each stage of the sales process.

"We can think of blockchain as a tool for visualizing the state of property and contracts, allowing full access to the history of property or land. Banks, real estate agencies, buyers and sellers can all consult at any time without restrictions."

Smart contracts can also play a role.By replacing paper contracts, smart contracts can protect information and automate transactions without the involvement of a third party.

Redolfi said that this level of integration is still some way away, but he believes that we have achieved this goal well.

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