Shiba Inu (SHIB) will launch Shiboshis NFT soon

Shiba Inu Hope to launch Shiboshis NFT To build its ecosystem.
The initial Shiboshis drop will only beShiba Swap Available on.However, the exact release date has not yet been determined.

In the October 5th post, the project leader Shytoshi Kusama mentioned, "We are happy to bring them to you next week (or earlier)." However, more than a week after the post was published, the relevant links are currently displayed A reserved page with news about to be published.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) will soon launch Shiboshis NFT illustrations

Some people say that Shiba Inu is a big killer and intends to let investors carry bags.Others, including Michael Burry, pointed out that its total supply of 10 billion (1,000,000,000,000,000) tokens makes it a poor investment choice.

We do know that the set consists of 10,000 "cute creatures", which is probably the same as other NFT The sets are consistent, they are generated by algorithms based on a set of variable attributes.But there is no information on what these attributes consist of.

What we do know is that pricing follows a tiered system.The first 3,000 will cost 0.1 ETH ($340), the next 5,000 will cost 0.2 ETH ($680), and the last 2,000 will cost 0.3 ETH ($1,020).

However, Shiboshis can only be purchased with $LEASH, which is Shiba Inu One of the three major tokens in the ecosystem.The others are $SHIB And $BONE.

Although Burry expects $ SHIB The largest token supply of $LEASH is US$100 billion, but the circulating supply of $LEASH is only 107,647.But there is no data on its maximum supply.

As an additional twist, Kusama said that Shiboshis is more than just NFT; They will also form roles in the upcoming game.Different attributes produce specific functions.For example, Kusama Yayoi talked about the ability of laser eyes to attack at long distances.

"Shiboshi Game will enable Shiboshi holders to use their NFT in strategy games. Some Shiboshi attributes will have corresponding game elements attached."

Does Shiba Inu's hype have no substance?
Shiba Inu may have started with Dogecoin, hoping to profit from the hype.But this project has "evolved" into something more useful than before.

$LEASH was originally intended to be a "rebase" token (flexible supply) linked to the price of Dogecoin.But somewhere, the developers decided to abandon this idea and use it as an ERC-20 token instead of following Dogecoin.


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