Finiko, a Russian cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, costs investors an average of $10,000

Added by RussiaCryptocurrency Ponzi scheme Finiko The average amount sent by defrauded investors to the crypto pyramid is more than 720,000 rubles, or more than 10,000 US dollars at the current exchange rate.The assessment comes from a survey of victims conducted by a public non-profit organization.

One-fifth of Finiko investors split more than 1 million rubles
Since the infamous MMM pyramid in the 1990s, Russia is still struggling to understand the scale of its biggest financial scam.Although the official Finiko losses have reached 1 billion rubles (close to 14 million US dollars), some estimates indicate that the total losses may exceed 4 billion US dollars.According to Chainalysis, the Ponzi scheme received more than $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin in less than two years.

Citizens of Russia, Ukraine and other countries in the former Soviet Union, EU member states, and the United States have all sent 800,000 individual deposits to Finiko.So far, approximately 3,300 victims have been identified, but the actual number may be much larger.Due to the scale of the fraud, the Moscow Interior Ministry took over the investigation of the Tatarstan law enforcement agency, and the Tatarstan law enforcement agency where Finiko was located also arrested several key members.

Finiko, a Russian cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, makes investors lose an average of $10,000. Illustration

Opinion polls show that investors in the Russian cryptocurrency pyramid Finiko lose an average of US$10,000

According to local media reports, about 200 defrauded investors have lodged complaints with the Russian public non-profit organization Federal Investors and Shareholder Rights Protection Foundation.The head of the foundation, Marat Safiulin, told the business news portal that 154 of them have been surveyed about their investment by phone.

Based on their feedback, the foundation determined that the average financial loss per investor was 724,000 Russian rubles (more than 10,000 US dollars).Approximately 22% of investors lost more than 1 million rubles (nearly 14,000 USD), and another 73% of investors each sent at least 300,000 rubles (more than 4,000 USD) to Finiko.More than half of the interviewed victims used loans to invest in the Ponzi scheme.

Finiko has never been registered as a legal entity and bills itself as an "automatic profit generation system".The pyramid provides people with attractive profits, and if they are willing to send money, it promises to use it for crypto investment and share the profits with them.Investors are told that they can use up to 30% fast and high returns to pay loans, buy cars or real estate at discounted prices, or withdraw cash when needed.

Finiko's office in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, was searched for the first time in December 2020.In June of this year, the Central Bank of Russia designated it as a sign of MLM.Despite this, the scam continues to attract new investors.

龐氏騙局在 7 月份停止付款並最終崩潰。迄今為止,俄羅斯韃靼斯坦共和國當局已拘留了菲尼科的一些高級管理人員,包括金字塔創始人基里爾·多羅寧、兩名副總統伊爾吉茲·沙基洛夫和迪娜·加布杜利納,以及升任金字塔的莉莉婭·努里耶娃。所謂的“十星”。多羅寧的三名同夥齊格蒙特齊格蒙托維奇以及馬拉特和愛德華薩比羅夫發出了國際逮捕令,他們在 7 月展開調查之前設法離開了俄羅斯聯邦。

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