Christie’s Asia’s first NFT auction exhibited 14 pieces of NFT (non-fungible token) works, which were sold for a total of 14 billion won

existChristie'sAt the Hong Kong auction, 14 pieces were exhibited NFT(Non-fungible tokens) works and sold for a total of 14 billion won.

This auction is Christie’s first in Asia NFT auction.

Christie’s said: “The total amount of this auction set a record for the highest online auction in Asia by an international auction house.”
Christie’s Asia’s first NFT auction, exhibited 14 pieces of NFT (non-fungible token) works, and sold illustrations for a total of 14 billion won

At the auction that day, LARVA LABS' “Cryptopunk 9997” was sold for 5.14 billion won and 3.385 billion Hong Kong dollars.

This is more than five times the estimated value of 700 million to 1 billion won.

Cryptopunk is a simple avatar composed of pixels, which is very popular in the NFT market recently.

Christie's stated that there were 168 bidders at the auction, of which 65% were newcomers.

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