The virtual pet game station Neopets cooperates with Raydium to launch the 20-year classic character collection NFT of Neopets

According to PR Newswire, the virtual pet game station Neopets (Neopets) Cooperate with Raydium, an automated market maker (AMM) based on Solana blockchain, to launch a collection of 20-year classic NeopetsNFT,如今Neopets社區用戶將能購買鍾愛的尼奧寵物數字紀念品。

Jim Czulewicz, President and CEO of JumpStart Games, Inc., the parent company of Neopets, said: “In the past 20 years, nearly 100 million people have interacted with Neopets through games, merchandise and other branded props.NFTAfter commercialization, Neopets users and NFT collectors will have the opportunity to experience and own the legendary Neopets character with great commemorative significance. This is an excellent opportunity for us to expand the brand to new markets. "

The virtual pet game station Neopets cooperates with Raydium to launch NFT illustrations of the 20-year classic character collection of Neopets

It is reported that NFT collectors and fans will have the opportunity to obtain 20,500 unique and algorithm-generated Neo pet characters. These Neo pet characters have 7 different characteristics such as different backgrounds, costumes and personalities. It is expected to be in early October. Launched in the middle.

Neopets expressed that it is very happy to cooperate with Raydium and become one of the first partners of Raydium's platform DropZone. The DropZone platform aims to promote the growth of NFT based on the Solana blockchain and at the same time provide project teams such as Neopets with the foundation required to release the NFT collection. service.

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