KuCoin launches virtual office in Bloktopia NFT meta universe

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin Announced that it will be in the decentralized metafest Blocktopia Opened a virtual office in one of the skyscrapers.

在 11 月 2 日的公告中,KuCoin表示將通過在 Blocktopia 平台內設立一個辦公室來加入元宇宙,該辦公室設計為摩天大樓。虛擬建築有 21 個不同的層次,以表彰 2100 萬比特幣 ( BTC )的總供應量,預計將容納包括 Polygon 和 Avalanche 在內的其他內容創作者。

KuCoin launches virtual office illustrations in the Bloktopia NFT meta-universe

According to the exchange, the meta office will allow users to decorate cyberpunks, interact with virtual furniture, and chat and talk in a virtual environment. KuCoin seems to adopt a metaverse-friendly business model, providing support for Bloktopia’s native token BLOK and Dreams Quest (DREAMS) utility tokens. Dreams Quest (DREAMS) is a blockchain-based game platform designed to Realize the economy based on Metaverse.

Last week, major companies including Facebook, Microsoft, and Nike announced their intentions to join Metaverse. Facebook officially changed its name to Meta, and Microsoft updated its Teams and Xbox game console services as part of its Metaverse plan. Nike’s recruitment information shows that the clothing company is hiring a virtual shoe designer.

It remains to be seen whether crypto companies will follow KuCoin to build virtual office spaces for users, but Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox spoke today at the 2021 Web Summit about how the environment is more suitable for certain companies:

"I started to hold employee meetings in the studio. The reason this is better for us is that you can see body language and spatial audio, which means you can talk to each other. You can communicate with each other with your hands, and then you can lean there, And change your focus according to your posture. This is a lot of ways we have meetings with the team."

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