UFC Hall of Fame member Mike Bisping and Blockasset team up to launch sports NFT

UFC Hall of Fame inductee Mike Bisping (Mike Bisping) is the latest top athlete to join the NFT field. Bisping will cooperate with Blockasset, which is an NFT market that hopes to vigorously promote sports.

The news is exclusively released by Bitcoinists because Blockasset will announce its cooperation with Bisping in the upcoming weekend.

UFC Hall of Fame member Mike Bisping and Blockasset collaborated to launch sports NFT illustrations

Blockasset is working hard to establish a partnership of sports talents.The platform announced this week the long-established football player Wayne Rooney as the first part of its Blockasset Legends series, and Bisping announced that it will become the second legend in the series.

2004 年開始職業生涯後,比斯平確立了自己作為 UFC 傳奇的地位,並於 2019 年入選聯盟名人堂,現在擔任體育分析師、演員和評論員。比斯平是第一位也是唯一一位在 2016 年贏得 UFC 冠軍的英國拳手。他的榮譽不止於此,因為比斯平獲得了年度國際拳手獎以及許多不同的冠軍和錦標賽冠軍。此外,此後他在社交媒體上建立了大量追隨者。

Now, with the cooperation between Bisping and Blockasset, the top fighter will partner with digital artist Dosbrak.In the full version, the drop is set to have 10,000 NFTs.As part of the Blockasset Legends series, three other athletes are expected to join.

Blockasset is building an NFT platform on Solana, which is an increasingly popular NFT blockchain.The platform was initially launched in July 2021, and five athletes (including UFC fighters Darren Thiel and Leon Edwards) were announced in the initial announcement.The platform will support secondary sales, emphasizing user experience and ease of use.

Blockasset regards Solana's low cost and fast processing time as key attributes that determine the construction on the chain.The platform will also use the native token $BLOCK to power the ecosystem.Native tokens are becoming more and more popular in the NFT market, such as the $RARE token launched by SuperRare in recent months and increased discussions about the potential OpenSea token.

In addition, UFC and the fighters in the alliance have also been stepping up their participation in cryptocurrency. In June, the alliance cooperated with Socios.com to release the $UFC fan token.A month later, UFC and Crypto.com reached a $1.75 million sponsorship agreement.

In recent years, various UFC talents have also been supporters of different tokens. With the continuous emergence of cryptocurrencies in daily life, it is expected that more brand ambassadors and partners will participate.

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