Tony Hollingsworth, founder of Listen Campaign: Why should we get involved in NFT?

CryptoSlate recently had the opportunity to talk to Tony Hollingsworth, a world-renowned producer. Tony is the founder of Listen Campaign, which will enable holders to gain exclusive social influence from the world’s greatest actors, musicians, artists and writers NFT

Tony has more than 30 years of experience working with companies, governments, and foundations in the intersection of communications, media, and popular culture.His credit ranged from conceiving and producing 600 million global media events, and repositioning Nelson Mandela from a "black terrorist leader" to a "black leader", advising the White House on public events in response to 9/ 11.

In the past 30 years, Tony has worked with more than 200 world-class creative artists, from Stevie Wonder to Ravi Shankar, from Denzel Washington to Natalie Portman, from Samuel L Jackson to Keith Haring.

Tony Hollingsworth, founder of Listen Campaign: Why should we get involved in NFT?illustration

Interview with Tony Hollingsworth, founder of Hearing Sports

Tony Hollingsworth

What is listening?What are the main goals of the project?What made you decide to set up a listening event?

Tony Hollingsworth
聆聽運動是一項針對脆弱和處境不利兒童的年度全球媒體運動,全世界有 10 億兒童。這是一個巨大的問題,我們幾乎從未聽說過。該活動將主要明星和創意藝術家以及世界上最大的媒體合作夥伴聚集在一起,因此我們可以“傾聽”這些孩子麵臨的問題,並慶祝和支持已經存在並準備擴大或複制的解決方案.

我記得我決定建立聆聽活動的確切時刻。在解決了許多主要事業,包括解放曼德拉和結束種族隔離之後,我在思考我們接下來應該關注什麼問題。孩子們非常在我的腦海中,有一個晚上,當我陪我的一個孩子睡覺並聽 BBC 世界服務廣播時,我聽到一位非洲母親正在接受采訪,她的孩子剛剛死於腹瀉。她本可以用一個 10 美分的小袋和一些乾淨的水來拯救它,但她兩者都沒有。情況的不公平剛剛打擊了我;如果我的孩子病得很輕,我們可以打電話給醫生。但這位母親什麼都沒有。

What is the experience of working with some famous people in the music industry?

Tony Hollingsworth
我的故事太多了——有些我可以分享,有些我不能!我有幸與 200 多位世界上最偉大的音樂明星合作,包括史蒂維·汪達、海豹、Dire Straits、鮑勃·迪倫、瑪麗·J·布萊奇、惠特尼·休斯頓、大衛·鮑伊、BB 金、戴安娜·羅斯、喬治·邁克爾、喬恩·邦Jovi、Keith Richards、MC Hammer、Roger Waters、Sinead O’Connor、Shaggy、Bee Gees、Chris de Burgh、Chaka Khan 等等。

我有太多的回憶,我們在相機上捕捉到的歷史性時刻將被鑄成 NFT,並被最終擁有它們的人作為歷史時間膠囊珍藏。當組織和舉辦活動遇到挑戰時——這發生了很多!——他們所有人都以創造性的解決方案做出了驚人的回應,從而產生了我將永遠珍惜的真正特殊時刻。

How do you think some of the very famous and successful musicians you have worked with will view cryptocurrency and blockchain?

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