Digital asset company Kraken pledges to fund Bitcoin's (BTC) open source Rust development ecosystem

Digital asset company Kraken confirmed that they have committed toBitcoin (BTC)'S open source Rust development ecosystem.

As Kraken mentioned in the blog post:

"In memory of the deceased Bitcoin Rust contributor and former Kraken employee Tamás Blummer, our internal Tamás Blummer Memorial Fund aims to accelerate the development of the Bitcoin Rust library.As a pioneer entrepreneur involved in several Bitcoin companies, Tamás created a Bitcoin library written in this language and died in 2020 after a long battle with cancer. "
Digital asset company Kraken promises to provide funding illustrations for Bitcoin's (BTC) open source Rust development ecosystem

"Kraken remains committed to cryptocurrency and promotes the work of its pioneers," said Kraken CEO Jesse Powell.He added that they hope this plan will demonstrate their commitment to “investing in the future of Bitcoin in a way that is consistent with Tamas’s legacy as an evangelist, colleague, and friend”.

The announcement stated that the Tamás Blummer Memorial Fund will "be guided by an independent advisory board to ensure that it is consistent with the needs of Bitcoin open source contributors."To help guide the project will be Blockstream research director Andrew Poelstra, independent researcher Tuur Demeester, and Kraken Bitcoin product manager Pierre Rochard.

As stated in the update:

"In order to start this work, Kraken has promised to hire a senior open source engineer to improve the development process of the Bitcoin Rust project. An independent position funded by Kraken, this role will be supported by our engineering leaders and our consultants. support."

If you are interested in this opportunity, then you can view the full job description.As Rust increasingly becomes the "core" part of their code base, the Kraken team is also recruiting "some Rust-related roles: back-end engineers, senior banking engineers, and QA engineers."

As explained in the update, Rust is a "language known for its focus on safety and performance-this spirit resonates deeply with our spirit as a global exchange." At the launch of the Tamás Blummer Memorial Fund At that time, the Kraken team “worked hard to continue Tamás’ work in fostering a security-oriented Bitcoin ecosystem.”

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