"BHJ Project White Paper"


Illustration of "BHJ Project White Paper"

What is coin gold (BHJ)

"BHJ"Derived from the Chinese "Bi Huang Jin" pinyin abbreviation, the English name "Coin Gold", also known as "Ten Thousand Times Coin", is officially issued by Singapore's open blockchain news media platform "Bimeiti.org". The formal Internet project as the foundation for supporting applications is a consensus universal Token driven by the integration of "media + finance + games". The project was initiated by the creator of the Dogecoin Association (CHINA).

The final market circulation target price of the Token consensus is $7.73/unit.The total supply of BHJ is 10 billion units, and the initial price is 0.000733 US dollars per unit. When the final consensus target price is expected to be achieved in 3-5 years, the total increase will be 10,000X (10,000 times).

The realization of this goal is mainly based on the "media + finance + games" integration driving role under the consensus mechanism, and the long-term support of consensus users.

BHJ (BHJ) is also known as 10,000 times currency, and its concept is derived from Soros’s "Majority Theory".The core of this interesting social experiment is based on the consensus and honest support of all holders.In order to achieve the goal of reaching 10,000 times in 3-5 years, it is recommended that the holders’ consensus support conditions are: “Holders should sell less than 80% of the total holdings of individuals. (That is, 20% of the personal wallet address account should be retained. Long-term (3 years) holdings, note: non-exchange accounts)", if more than 70% of the holders (that is, the majority) are established and executed according to this consensus, then BHJ (BHJ)3-5 The probability of becoming a million times currency in a year will be as high as 99%, and it will become a global consensus cryptocurrency.

Difference from other Token (token) projects

Through three major physical projects for operation support applications, the introduction of Soros's classic investment philosophy "majority determinism" social experimental mechanism algorithm, has the potential for tens of thousands of times currency growth.

Entity Project One (Media): Bimeiti.org, a news platform that provides the world’s latest cryptocurrency, NFT, DeFi and other blockchain news reading and digital media content creation and output applications.

Entity Project Two (Finance): The OTC cryptocurrency trading market (OTC.LTD) provides peer-to-peer over-the-counter exchange services for the purchase of cryptocurrencies in fiat currencies of various countries around the world. Cryptocurrency investment users who are banned due to national policies will get new transactions in the OTC (over-the-counter) market Chance.

Physical Project Three (Game): BHJ GAME, a multiplayer strategy toss game similar to Monopoly, a simple and fun popular entertainment game for the whole people.